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Argonaut For Sale – $800 or best offer

Valley Argonaut (High Volume Aquanaut) – this is a high-volume version of the classic Valley Aquanaut. It’s a big boat for a big person, much bigger than myself. Lots of cosmetic concerns, but this boat is a dry ride and a great multi-day camper.

Contact for details.

A deck-mounted Brunton compass and a foot-actuated pump were installed by the previous owner, along with multiple D-rings in each hatch and the cockpit. I’ve added vinyl deck slates for notes. Skeg works brilliantly. There is some rust staining from straps that were in place, and some gel coat patching on the front right quarter. Spider cracks on the foot-peg screws but the hatches are dry.

There’s a crack in seat pan that will eventually need to be addressed. I can tell you how to do it or attempt a repair for an extra $100. I made a similar repair on another boat of mine about a year ago.

This was my first boat and I learned to paddle it well; it’s been to Maine and been used on multi-day kayak camping trips. This boat has been stored outside under a UV shelter. I’ve kept it for friends and clients but it’s seen little use in the past couple of years. I’d love to see it go to someone who fits it better and who will get more life out of it.