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I spent some time this morning at Pier 40, working with some of the instructors there to try out some games. I’ll be assisting there this summer, and it was good to meet the team – including my old coach.

I arrived early, and as nice as it was, the regular paddling season felt right around the corner. I say “regular paddling” because at this point, I’ve paddled all twelve months in the year. But this morning was sunny, and relatively warm, and I could spy the Freedom Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and the Holland Tunnel blowers right across the way.

I pulled out my iPad and did some work – a little research, and a little email. Then, I caught a glimmer out on the river, and I watched until I was certain they were paddlers. They were very far out, but as they came closer, there were five, a group out of Valentino Park in Brooklyn, on their way into a weekend-long trip up the river.

My coach showed up, and talked to them – some he knew. We all talked about boats, and people we know, and paddling horror stories. For them, it was a pit stop, and as the rest of the crew arrived, they saddled up and headed out, while we pulled out boats and suited up for practice.

It’s going to be a fun summer – like so many, too short.

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