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Winding Down

While things have slowed down a bit this month, the paddling season isn’t over. I’ve had a couple of my regular 1-1 students out this month – in conditions that raised their cackles but ultimately gave them a bit of confidence. At least, I think that’s what happened!

The past couple of weekends have featured a fair amount of wind coming from the west. On two separate occasions I took a student over to the Pier 26 embayment after a quick lap to ensure they were comfortable in the wind. Wind has a major effect on kayaks, generally catching the back and turning the boat towards the wind. So, for these students, having gotten good at turning the boat with sweeps and edging, this was an opportunity to practice the same when Mother Nature was being less agreeable.

They noticed that it was harder to turn away from the wind, but easier to turn to. When the wind picked up, or if ferry wake brought in higher waves, they got a chance to feel the boat broach a bit and either help or hurt their turning. This made for good fun on some of the edging practice too, though neither went in the water.

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