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Narragansett Bay 2023

For the second year in a row, I took some folks in my club out to Narragansett Bay for some sea kayaking. It’s a great area with places for surf, rock-hopping, and a bit more variety in tidal currents than what we have in New York City.

This year, the group was a bit more experienced, but also split in terms of goals. Some wanted more touring, others more adventure. Unlike last year, we split the group at times, and took turns in the kinds of paddling we did.

Here’s one from the last day, of DA, one of my club’s instructors, keeping station near a large rock near Narragansett Beach.

A bit later, we played in a rock garden to the north. A storm was passing by to the south, eastward out of Block Island Sound, kicking up perfectly sized waves.

Here was day one. We drove a bit out of our way to Sakonnet Point, mostly because it was place I was familiar with.

Lunch break on the beach where we surfed.

The wind picked up a bit on the way back, pebbling the water where it got shallow. You can almost make out a natural jetty in the next photo separating the slightly deeper water getting more waves from the ocean, from the shallower and protected water we were in.

Pictured Above: myself, DA, KW, CC, and JH

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