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First Roll

This cowgirl was finally able to roll her boat, at least once. 

I won’t go into the different kinds of rolls, or rolling techniques. I will say I rolled using a technique I had not previously had success with, where basically my hands are in the position they are when I paddle. The idea is, if I go in when under way, I’m not going to be taking time to set everything up just so

I tried a second time, and flubbed it. Actually, what happened was, the paddle seemed to get tangled on something behind me on the back deck of my boat, likely the paddle float. So, I’ll be looking for a different way to dress my boat. 

What’s important is, I did it. My boat is a bit large for me. I tend to pry myself out of the boat rather than righting it. So, I know it can be done. All it takes now is practice, practice, practice, and pretty soon, I’ll be kayaking in Carnegie Hall.

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