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A Weekend of Paddling

I managed to get quite a bit of paddling in this weekend.

On Friday, I got early release from work and headed up to the boathouse, where I took the Argonaut out to the wastewater treatment plant in Yonkers. For a short break, I tried this maneuver:


On Saturday, I helped take a couple of clients out of Pier 40 down and around Liberty and Ellis Islands. it was a little interesting because there were a bunch of cigarette boats tooling about for a race further up the river. In the afternoon, we worked with a client who is going for his BCU 2-star later this summer. Mostly drills, and then a paddle up to Pier 66 and back.

On Sunday, I led a circumnavigation of Manhattan with a small group. I did the planning and organizing, and on the water whipped the group together. We had an easy rounding of the battery, and a lot of current up the East River, and then we agreed on an early crossing of Hell Gate.

Each of these deserves its own writeup, but where’s the time to write when you can paddle every day?

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