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Contrary Conditions

Sunday, after my Saturday paddle out to the Narrows, I spent some time with the other club I’m a member of, the Inwood Canoe Club

I went out with M and S when the current was just past max ebb. The wind was blowing north, so as you would expect, there were some fun waves as the wind pushed against the current. 

Of course, this also meant that coming back was a little more challenging. We hewed to the shore to stay out of the current. However, coming around the rocky point below the Manhattan-side tower of the bridge, I got caught in a bizarre situation: sizable waves pushing from the west and south, while the current conspired to slurp me back out. I was literally paddling in place despite some very strong forces pushing me in three directions. 

I dug in my spurs and powered through. It took more than a little effort, but I got past the eddy line and continued paddling up. I have to say, these conditions were rougher than anything I experienced in the harbor. This belies the reputation of the upper reaches of the Hudson being as smooth as a glass lake. 

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