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Winter Jaunt

I went on a little jaunt with my good friends Val Storfer and Johna Johnson on Saturday. While the air temperature was 26 F, there was little wind, and it was sunny. We went across the river to Morris Canal and back.

Johna wrote a great writeup on her blog – which is a great blog in general, full of amazing kayak adventures the likes of which the cowgirl only aspires to. We’d all been off the water a while, so a little trip like this one was perfect.

Here’s a little video I slapped together.

When we got back, we found our hatches, lines, and spare paddles covered in ice – potentially a problem had we needed to use any of them. I’ll be doing a little research on how to better prepare for icy conditions. Cold water is one thing, but ice is a whole ‘nother element to contend with in winter paddling.

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